Hello April!

I know it’s April Fools day but this is no joke!  Today I’m sharing another free resource for anyone that wants to give Calligraphy a try!  Seriously trying brush calligraphy was the best thing I did a little over a year ago and I know you will love it too if you give it a chance!  The pdf link you can click below is a 6 page practice guide to learn how to write April Showers bring May flowers!  The final page even has a flower doodle that you can copy!  All you need to try it out is a crayola type marker and a willingness to learn something new! I hope you enjoy it and if you give it a try and post your work tag me @kimberlyannjonesart so I can see your progress!  ENJOY! Click here April freebie

If you’d like to learn more I offer in person workshops and my next one is going to be May 5th (details to follow)! If you can’t wait till then or can’t make it I offer private workshops and lessons. Email me for details.

Sample from April freebie!89BC5892-DCD0-408C-AF81-D00DD7F393FE


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