Community Projects & Murals

Virginia Zoo


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Fall of 2018 Virginia Zoo Giraffe Commission- I had the pleasure of bringing new life to this 20 year old giraffe statue and she was installed at the front of the Virginia Zoo in the Spring of 2019!

Lafayette Park



Spring 2019 Proposals for Paint the Park–This is an awesome program by Keep Norfolk Beautiful!  The have selected artists to create trash can designs that include a call to action to encourage people to keep the Lafayette Rive Park clean!  Painting of the cans will take place Friday May 4, 2019.

Completed Trash Can for Paint the Park


Trantwood Elementary Murals

I had the pleasure of working with Trantwood Elementary in Virginia Beach to create two 8’x8′ murals.  Each mural was painted on two full sheets of plywood and was installed by the school upon completion.  The design of each mural was driven by the students and staff of the school.  It was really important to them that the murals represents various aspects of the culture of the school.  The murals were installed in the gym and cafeteria in May 2019.




Vibe Creative District Crosswalk

19th Street and Baltic Avenue

This crosswalk was inspired by my childhood in Virginia Beach! No matter where you go you hear the lovely sounds of jets flying over head.  I stead of going fo realistic jets I took a more playful approach and went with colorful paper airplanes.  Two of the planes crisscross to create a heart cause no matter how annoying you’ve gotta love what those jets do for our country!


New Castle Elementary Murals

I had the pleasure of painting a total of six murals for New Castle Elementary before the 2019-2020 school year began. The aim of the murals was to provide some inspiration to the students during their school day. The school’s PTA selected an inspirational phrase for each mural and the murals now live in each of the school’s six student bathrooms! It was a great way to bring a little joy and a splash of color into an otherwise dull space.









Being Brickner

Hand Lettering . Murals . Illustration

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