Fresh Start

Spring is just around the corner so while other people are cleaning up from a long winter I decided to give this blog a makeover. I’m excited to share some of what’s going on in my world coupled with some freebies, tips, tricks and tutorials! I’m hoping to post a couple times a week, so keep your eyes peeled or subscribe so you don’t miss out on what’s to come! Keep reading to find the March freebie!

So far March is shaping up to be an amazing month! I finished a couple of different mural proposals, got a mural job at a local school, and I’ll be hanging a mural tomorrow on 18th Street in Virginia Beach! It’s a 4’x6’ giant purple whale gracefully swimming through a sea of flowers! If you get a chance stop by and see it, please post a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook @kimberlyannjonesart and tell me what you think of it!

Also, I received some fabulous news Friday, so we took a family field trip to the Virginia Zoo! When I told my daughter we were going to see giraffe I painted standing up she said “no Mommy I think he’s still taking a nap in his tent.”  I died laughing, but the sculpture had been laying on its side since October. When we got to the zoo I squealed when I saw it….and my hubby got an embarrassing video…not sure if I’ll share it.  When Bradley finally layed eyes on it she yelled “ look Mommy he’s wide awake now!” I love her enthusiasm for my work. Here’s a picture of the  napping giant! Can’t wait to share some pictures of her wide awake!


In addition to all this excitement I’m teaching a workshop at Kitsch in Norfolk Sunday March 24th. It’s a two hour workshop where I’m teaching all the basics of calligraphy with supplies that won’t break the bank! So, to get you excited I’m posting a Free set of worksheets for you to download and try out! All you need is a marker; think crayola or any similar broad tip marker! I’ll be posting a video over in Facebook and Instagram of me using the sheets tomorrow!



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