You’re not pizza!


In the last year I have learned one super important lesson in building my own business, and that is YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE! YOU’RE NOT PIZZA! Now this is in no way an original statement….I heard it on a pod cast or in some artist interview and the sentiment has just stuck with me.


In life not matter if you’re an artist or not dealing with rejection is tough.  I recently had the privilege to talk to a group of high schoolers about my journey as a professional artist….can’t believe I just called myself a professional artist.  During my talk I realized that most of the talk pointed to and included a long list of rejected proposals.  The students were shocked and very curious about how I deal with the rejections.  Truth is it is hard to be rejected, but getting the rejection notice has become so much easier since changing how I view the rejection.  Sometimes there is only one wall, and it’s not that you or your art isn’t worthy of the opportunity it was just that someone else caught the eye of the decision maker.  My husband recently gave me another food related analogy to deal with the never ending rejection notices.  He said “you could be the juiciest ripest peach on the tree, and if someone that doesn’t like peaches is making the decision you’re not going to get picked”

So for your viewing pleasure I have included some of my most recently rejected proposals.  If you know of someone with an blank wall pass along my info! I can’t wait to sling some more paint soon!


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