The 100 Day Project

Now that I have a couple of days of The 100 Day Project under my belt I figured I would write about the inspiration for my project.  As an artist, I’m always wondering what I could do better and how can I continue to grow.  It’s easy to just keep doing the same thing over and over, so I was trying to figure how I could step things up a bit.

Recently, I started looking at my latest artistic endeavors and felt that they lacked a little in the variety department.  I love drawing flowers but when I looked at the line up of images I saw the same recurring flower forms in each image.  Yay!  I’ve always wanted some consistency/continuity in my art but 6 flower forms is hardly representative of all the beauty nature has to offer.  My lack of variety inspired my first two goals for my project:

  •  Increase my visual inventory of flower forms by doing daily research and drawing a flower I have not used in my art
  • Learn the names of the flowers I draw!  I’m horrible I can’t even name some of the flowers in my garden!

After I set these goals for 100 days of beautiful blooms I was scrolling through Instagram again (if only I spent all this time creating).  I was inspired by artist Courtney Cerruti who has been posting a color a day (#thecolorsof2017) since January, and she challenged the Instagram community to play along during The 100 Day Project.  What inspires me the most about her project are the names she comes up with for each color.  This got me thinking of my hate for coming up with titles for artworks! It has always been a daunting task so I never name artworks and as an art teacher I never forced this task on my students either.  So enter my next 2 goals for my project:

  • Create a color swatch inspired by a thought, feeling or experience each day to serve as the background for my beautiful bloom.
  • Create a unique name or title for that color…I always thought it would be cool to name colors for Crayola even though I hate naming things.

I told my husband about my goals and he laughed and said the 100 day project seemed difficult enough without the extra goals. I even got him to play along and do his own project(#100days15beans1sharpie)! Maybe he’s right but I’m determined to make it the whole way through without falling behind. You can follow my 100 day project journey #100daysofbeautifulblooms

Are you doing The 100 day project? I would love to follow you and see what you’re doing. Leave your hashtag in the comments.  Did you set any goals for your project or am I the only one who went goal crazy?

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