Short Days and Really Long Nights

Yesterday Bradley turned two weeks old and the days have just flown by since we came home from the hospital. Everyday I find myself saying, where did the day go, and the nighttime unrest and feedings seem to go on forever. The civil unrest at night has started to lessen and some nights she lets us sleep three hours between feedings! Thank goodness! In general I think we have lucked out and she is pretty easy going, but she is not shy about voicing her displeasure or needs when they arise.

The last two weeks it has been mighty difficult to carve out time for a shower let alone time to draw and paint everyday, but I’ve been working on managing my time and trying to fit in some drawing during or after feeding her while she naps on me. For the most part during her naps I’ve been working on floral drawings since I can do those easily while I’m holding her. I was most excited yesterday when Bradley generously gifted me a 2-hour block of art time during her afternoon nap. It’s too bad that I’m not thrilled by what I produced but that happens sometimes. I hope in the coming weeks she will continue her afternoon napping trend. Here are some of the things I’ve been working on including the nap time purple flowers that need some help, but I’ll tackle that another day.

In other news I was accepted to participate in the Hermitage Handmade Festival on September 11, 2016 from 10-4pm at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, VA. So, mark your calendars and come checkout some amazing local artists and say hello!  I was also excited to see one of my floral paintings showcased as part of the online flyer(top row second from right).


Big shout out to Mimi, my husband’s mother for keeping Bradley content, so I could write this post! What would any of us do without grandparents!

mimi and bradley


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